Vilmorin-Mikado Carrots Serve Global Marketplace

Vilmorin - 22 Apr 2021

Vilmorin-Mikado leverages its longstanding position and well-developed carrot varieties to serve markets in more than 100…

Yuma Leafy Showcase 2021

Event - 30 Mar 2021



This past week Vilmorin North America held a Leafy showcase in Yuma, AZ.  We had around 13 different customers view our…

Survey: How Do You Buy and Eat Carrots?

Vilmorin - 17 Mar 2021


We all know carrots are excellent for health. But do you consume them?


Research Master Station Development Forges Ahead

Vilmorin - 07 Dec 2020

Vilmorin North America has not let COVID slow down it's development of a new Research Breeding facility located in Gilroy, CA. 


Spotlight on Brassica

Vilmorin - 22 Jan 2021

"As one of the driving forces in the North American brassica market, Vilmorin-Mikado, is proud to offer an extensive line of…

Vilmorin-Mikado on their leafy range adapted to hydroponic cultivation

Vilmorin - 20 Nov 2020

Vilmorin-Mikado on their leafy range adapted to hydroponic cultivation

"More companies are looking for…

Yuma September 2020

Vilmorin - 17 Sep 2020

Yuma continues to put safety first as they begin their season.  With all the challenges presented, we take pride in having our employees work…

VNA Community Outreach

Vilmorin - 06 Oct 2020



We at Vilmorin have partnered with Master Gardener Program…

2020 Show Case, Salinas

Event - 27 Aug 2020


Because of the Covid19 situation this year no real open days here in California,but a showcase with visits of small groups on appointment…

Vilmorin-Mikado Thanks You

Vilmorin - 18 May 2020


A big Thank you to our clients from Vilmorin-Mikado employees


Vilmorin-Mikado employees warmly thank all seeds dealers…